Walking the Hero's Path

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Educational Goals

By the end of this brief workshop the participant will ...

Topic Outline

Ideas for the extended version of the course

Inspired by Peter Silverman: a deep dive into the Hebrew root G-V-R. Good material for the longer course.

Va-yiss'u Bnei Yisrael - The Children of Israel journeyed. A collective walking of the hero's path.

From Fledgling, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

What manner of pleasure may be had outside of the Wall?

Why, all manner! ... Watching the sun set.

I'd like to learn more about the pleasures of watching the sun set, if you'd be kind enough to teach me.

I have undertaken the impossible! I cannot teach you a sunset, Scholar. You must experience it at first hand.

Alright, show me.

Proposed Youtubes